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Holiday Survival-The Art of the Quick Checkout

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New York City is the quintessential place to be during the holidays. It is holiday overload, in the best possible way. Scouring the city for the best bargains and most unique gifts becomes an art form as it helps to know your way around while still leaving time to take in the sights. One big time saver is fast checkout. My recent experience at Macy’s One Day Sale makes for a frenzied and fun fight for the goods. It’s part of the charm of New York. Polite bantering abounds in this crowded mecca of deals. One way to save time during the holiday shopping is the art of the checkout. There are never enough checkout registers and the personnel are in no particular hurry. It’s more important to sign you up for their credit card, which I did by the way, because it saved me an extra 10%. I only felt a little bad for those waiting behind me as I had patiently waited 20 minutes in a line of three people. Rule number one; don’t let the shorter lines fool you. Rather, look for the employees who have a sense of urgency and forget the lolly gaggers or talkative personnel. You will definitely take longer to check out. Rule number two, take your items to a section of the store that is less crowded, like lingerie or Men’s hosiery. Rule number three, have patience as when rule one or two fails, pull out your smartphone, play a game and take a deep breath. It’s all part of the holiday fun.

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