Old Ebbitt Grill Washington DC

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Editors Pick in Washington DC

Located in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Washington DC, Old Ebbit Grill is a find that will delight the culinary senses.
As I strolled along, just a couple blocks from the White House, on a cold and unusually windy day, I glanced across the street and was immediately taken in. The Old Ebbit Grill is inviting from the inside out. From the moment you walk in the door, you feel as if much history and deals must have happened here…and the tradition more than likely continues today.

On this cold, windy day in February, the thought of a hot toddy sounded inviting. It was brewed to perfection and served with fine honey and lemon. I couldn’t resist the special on their raw bar which is half price daily from 3pm-6pm. As I sampled the 1/2 dozen oysters from local DC waters, further north and western areas, I was treated to a very indulgent explanation of each oyster, where it was from, how it is cultivated and why it was selected to be served. The staff are extremely knowledgeable about the menu, the chef, the history of the building and round out the dining experience exponentially. Served with the typical cocktail and horseradish sauce and a surprisingly refreshing yet smoothly pungent and delicate vinaigrette….with an emphasis of heavy on the vinegar.

Osso Bucco at Old Ebbit Grill
The main course consisted of a delicately roasted pork shank. This was no ordinary Osso Bucco. Bedded on a sweet potato puree, the chef at Old Ebbit Grill, Robert McGowan prides himself on roasting the sweet potatoes to perfection so the natural sweetness. Atop the puree are collard greens that, historically may be a bit on the bitter side. These were anything but and paired perfectly with the sweet potato puree underneath and the Osso Buccco on top. The meat was fall off the bone tender and allowed for an eclectic mix of all of the flavors and textures on the plate. It is apparent that careful consideration is given to the complexity of layering the flavors. Topped with a mild pickled red onion, this dish was the perfect, cold weather refuge. I can’t recommend this iconic Washingtonian Grill. Since the early 1900’sxxxxxxxx, they have been serving Washingtonians and visitors….with some of the best food in the White House area.

Old Ebbit Grill is part of the Clyde Restaurant Group and has several locations under various names around Washington DC.…Check them all out as they are similar and each is equally inviting.

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