The Dish on Pat Neely

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Destination Cuisine Gets The Dish On Pat Neely

The recent National Restaurant Association Show boasted over 50,000 visitors from all over the world, 2000 exhibitors, famous chefs and innovative products and services for the restaurant industry.  One of the most entertaining chefs, cookbook author, restauranteur and TV personality Pat Neely. The Memphis, TN chef with the infectious personality and boyish southern charm kept the audience entertained and engaged making the hour long culinary demonstration fly by.

The Dish On Pat Neely


How the World is Changing

Fielding questions from the audience, Pat Neely discussed his BBQ restaurants in Memphis and New York City, his passion for food, how the climate is changing to a more healthy lifestyle, his relationship with Family Dollar and his new empty nester, single life. Pat Neely rocked the Food Network since 2008 with one of the most successful shows with former wife, Gina Neely in Down Home with the Neelys. He talked candidly about life after Down Home With The Neelys stating that he and Gina remain dear friends and they decided that their career paths were taking them in separate directions. The world was shocked when the famous couple announced their divorce in October 2014.  After 20 years of marriage to Gina Neely, his high school sweetheart, he stated that sometimes life happens and their more than 23 years together was a blessing and there are no regrets. He freely talks of their very successful marriage, two beautiful daughters and the fact that they had a fantastic relationship although having two professional careers at times can be draining and challenging, adding that “no one should be criticized for wanting to change their lives”. Both Gina and Pat are enjoying very successful independent careers and regularly stay in contact.


Destination Cuisine recently spent a few minutes with Pat Neely at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago. He’s as approachable, friendly and lovable off-air as he is on-air. I should have titled this The dish with Pat Neely, unpacked. His honesty, outward personality and forthcoming advice instantly sets the tone for any time spent with Pat Neely, a memorable one.
Recent life changes have Pat Neely busy with his newly single, empty nester life and you can check out the candid interview with Pat Neely at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago on the Destination Cuisine YouTube Channel or view it below.


Pat Neely and Family Dollar

The Pat Neely and Family Dollar relationship seem like a match made in food heaven. In his second year as food ambassador for family Dollar, Pat shared how “he loves to partner with companies that are passionate about their community, have great products and take great pride in their business”. Family Dollar community projects share his love of food, people and community. Everything that he’s been involved in with Family Dollar are community driven projects; whether it raising over 4 1/2 million meals for Feeding America to the Boys and Girls Club at the holidays where a significant contribution was made. The 2015 Summer campaign Just Add Family centers around families. They submit a photo or video and if selected a family and 100 of their family members will have a family reunion where Pat Neely is cooking for them.

Where to Find Pat Neely

Being the social butterfly that he is, you can find Pat on almost any social channel. Here are just a few places to see where Pat’s latest and greatest ventures are

Pat Neely Website

Pat’s Facebook Page

@PatNeelyBBQKing – Twitter

Pat Neely’s Grilled Salmon With Citrus Butter

Check Out Pat Neely’s Grilled Salmon with Citrus Butter Recipe from the National Restaurant Show

Pat Neely's Grilled Salmon With Citrus Butter







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Laura Raymond, Editor

Destination Cuisine

June 4, 2015

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