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G Adventures is a leading travel company that focuses specifically on adventure travel. The tours offered are designed specifically for those who want to travel in small groups on any of the seven continents. The trips focus on everything from culture to nature or active travel. This is the perfect option for those who have a sense of adventure. The experience takes travelers off the beaten path and lets them experience the authentic local cultures of an area. The company focuses of culture immersion and sustainability. Responsible tourism is an important component of every trip.
Trips appeal to a variety of travel types. If your clients are looking for an active trip of hiking, biking, or kayaking, then this company is a perfect option. If they are a family looking to have a unique experience together then there are adventure trips geared specifically toward families. There are also volunteer programs, overland tours through remote areas, and cultural immersion experiences for those who want to experience a community in depth. If you have a client who is looking for more than just a traditional tour, then G Adventures is an excellent and well respected option for them. The opportunities are diverse, the leaders are knowledgeable, and the company has a reliable reputation within the travel industry.

What is a G Adventure Tour?

G Adventure offers tours that are perfect for independent minded travelers who are looking for an adventure. Younger clientele who may be more skeptical of tours in general, will likely appreciate all that G Adventure has to offer. These tours are perfect for travelers who want to experience the authenticity of a location, but want the security of traveling with a group. The tours also visit off the beaten path locations that can appeal to a more diverse group of travelers. Working with G Adventures is the perfect way to expand your clientele and grow your business in a way that reaches a younger generation.

Travelers today are more independently minded than they have been in the past. They are looking for unique destinations that may not be visited by more structured tour companies. G Adventure is a great way to market to this new industry of travel. By establishing this relationship now, you’ll open up new opportunities to work with a larger group of travelers and you’ll stay ahead of the curve in the travel industry.
Regular discounts are provided to Destination Cuisine and new destinations are added throughout the year.

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Types of Tours

G Adventures offers a wide variety of tours all over the world. The tours are very diverse in their locations and in their style of travel. The general focus of every tour is adventure, so travelers are generally openminded and looking for an experience. The tours can be broken down into many different styles, with the broadest categories being active, family oriented, independent, expedition, classic, volunteer programs and overland. Classic tours are the original G Adventure trips and offer a nice mix of activity, wildlife, and local cultures. Expeditions are truly a once in a lifetime experience. They are led by naturalists, biologists, anthropologists, and historians and go to remote locations for one of a kind experiences. Volunteer trips let participants get involved in a community by building schools or working to conserve local wildlife. If your client is looking for an authentic backcountry experience then they will enjoy the overland trips, while the active trips are specifically designed for the outdoor enthusiasts with plenty of opportunities to hike, bike or kayak.









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