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Why Businesses Need a Mobile Site Now

There is no doubt that the mobile revolution is quickly taking over the internet revolution. At Destination Cuisine, it is our goal to provide services that will help businesses stay one step ahead of the curve. We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with one of the most sought after companies building mobile sites today. Look at the following statistics to see for yourself the outstanding opportunities that exist within the mobile search world. Then check out Mobile Favs for their free trial. See the mobile world through your customers eyes. What does your website look like on a mobile device and tablet? Given the statistics for users who won’t search a site they can’t read on a mobile device, you can’t afford to let customers slip away. This is not an app builder. This is a custom made mobile site tailor made to your industry.

Mobile Web Searches will Surpass Desktop Searches by 2014

Mobile Web Searches will Surpass Desktop Searches by 2014

Destination Cuisine will provide a free directory listing for all businesses who set up a mobile site with MobileFavs.com.

The listing is fast becoming the go-to place to search events, food festivals, food and wine events, culinary tours and cooking classes.


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