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Are we Devaluing Society?

Marketing Challenges for Restaurants

Marketing Challenges for Restaurants

There is nothing worse than an empty restaurant. Ask any restauranteur and they will tell you there can never be too many customers, unless it’s at a loss. The past few years have brought new ways for restaurants to find new customers, but was it at a profit or a loss? And what was the long-term relationship with these short-term, discounted minded consumers?  We may be creating a society of “buy only where there are discounts” instead of creating brand loyalty. There is a time and place for both I imagine just as there are consumers who fall into both of those categories. The economy in the past few years has been prime opportunity for deal seekers and made for great timing for the Living Socials, Groupons and countless other deals and discounts that have sprung up. In this age of digital media, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Four Square and countless other social sites, restaurants are at a loss as to how to find new customers and create brand loyalty. The profitability statistics suggest that the “Deals” are better for some than others. Some of that may be based on the businesses’ expectation when they signed up for the “Deal” as well. The typical buyer may only spend the amount on the deal and restaurants have to rely on those who don’t show up to make any money on their promotion. That is counter-intuitive to the purpose of bringing consumers into the establishment. Even Living Social has stepped up to it’s own plate and is in the beta stage with Living Social Plus, which still relies heavily on discounts but recognizes the need for a longer term relationship with the customer.

With a new year comes new opportunity. Destination Cuisine, a new model for restaurants, gourmet shops and travel related activities will soon be announcing an alternative to the deep discounts. Forging new territory in response to business owners needs and uncertain future, Destination Cuisine will provide a clear and concise model through the use of technology that will bring a natural progression of new customers and gain repeat business, all at a profit. Using technology to gain the customers, while at the same time putting the business owner in control of their profits makes for a win-win for both short and long term sustainability. The best part of the business model is that it is low cost and relies heavily on businesses participating in the new food and travel culture that has unlimited free opportunities for cross promotions. Essentially it allows businesses to do what they do best, whether it’s a bakery, restaurant or zip lining through the rainforest in Costa Rica, there will soon be a way for businesses and consumers to connect, whether it is discount driven or interest-related. Destination Cuisine launched in May 2012 and encourages businesses needing profitable customers to sign up for the launch at

Submitted by Laura Raymond, President

Destination Cuisine

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Laura Raymond

Laura Raymond is a Serial Entrepreneur, avid recipe developer and Modern Marketing Guru carving my niche in the food and travel industries, mobile marketing and online ordering. Specializing in Engagement Marketing and putting business owners back in control. Destination Cuisine is my passion to bring foodie events, culinary tours, cooking classes and cool restaurants/hotels together in an interactive site. Reach me at (941) 809-2012. Join our CULTure so you can... Eat Well and Live Full.


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  1. Pamela John says:

    Agreed. Another point that Us Restauranteurs say, at least I say, that I would rather have a full restaurant with a 90% food cost and full to capacity, than to have an empty restaurant running a 20% food cost!


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