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Restaurant Reviews

Destination Cuisine has a fun new way of finding the best restaurants and culinary adventures. Looking for a great Thai restaurant on the lower East side in New York City? How about a great cooking school in Tuscany? Use the Social Scoope feature to put a shout out to the community to get immediate feedback on what you’re looking for. Find new friends, follow their journey, have followers join your journey and discover new places that only locals know. This culinary journey is a one way ticket to an endless supply of food and travel ideas. Join the CULTure now at DestinationCuisine.com

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Restaurant Recipes

Ever tried to replicate that great dish from your favorite restaurant? Well, now you can. Destination Cuisine’s Topflight Chef Competition will have chefs and restaurants posting recipes, serving up their fare and competing for a highly coveted spot in the Destination Cookbook. Foodies will become addicted as they discover new ways to experience food at new and favorite restaurants…and then relive it through a remake of their favorites long after the competition ends.




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Food and Travel related businesses get a free listing. Get in line for the launch at destinationcuisine.com

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